Western Cape Food Forum

The Western Cape Food Forum, convened by the EDP, brings together a broad range of stakeholders from the public and private sectors, civil society and grass-roots organisations that play a role in supporting the food system. The Forum aims to create opportunities for multi-sectoral collaboration that supports food relief efforts while enhancing food security. 

The Western Cape Food Forum’s priorities include:

  • Bridging the gaps between diverse stakeholders in the food and nutrition system.
  • Prioritising relationships with the public sector, and creating an enabling environment for community-led initiatives.
  • Promoting local production for local consumption across all levels of the food system.
  • Continuing with food relief coordination aimed at vulnerable populations, and with food relief and vulnerability data mapping.

The Forum’s collaborative approach to addressing both food security and food relief was recognised in the 2021 Trialogue Business in Society Handbook – read more here.

Want to join the Western Cape Food Forum?

  • The Forum is open to any organisation or individual involved in local initiatives to support food security, including corporates, academics, local food growers and community initiatives.
  • Forum meetings take place via Zoom once a month. Meetings are curated around specific topics, with speakers invited from different sectors to present and organisations provided with the opportunity to share on their work. 
  • Follow up reports with meeting minutes, presentations and the recorded webinar are shared with members after each meeting. 
  • A monthly newsletter, which includes highlights, feature interviews, news and updates is shared two weeks after each meeting.
  • To join the Forum, email: rhonda@wcedp.co.za


In April 2020, the EDP facilitated the formation of the Western Cape NGO-Government Food Relief Forum, in response to the urgent need for coordinated food relief in response to the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown. The economic consequences of Covid-19 continue to be felt everywhere. While the need for immediate food relief may have abated, there is still a compelling case to be made for restructuring the food system to help address the inequities exposed during the pandemic.

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