WoSA in

WoSA is being put into practice in four areas, i.e. Saldanha Bay, Drakenstein, Manenberg/Hanover Park, and Khayelitsha. The context of each area is different, and each site is at a different stage of action. The WoSA transversal design team has agreed on a Design Process Approach in each of the four geographic areas, and on the WoSA transversal approach.

The Municipal annual organisational cycle (July to June), and the Integrated Development Plan process and its calendar of events, can become part of an annual WoSA design process cycle in Saldanha Bay and Drakenstein. The Community Action Plan from the Violence Prevention through Urban Upgrade (VPUU) programme in Manenberg/Hanover Park and Khayelitsha may lend itself to a similar annual WOSA design process cycle.

It maybe useful to break the annual cycle into four quarterly cycles (July – Sep, Oct – Dec, Jan – March, and April – June), and to apply the design approach to specific problems during these quarterly cycles.

The Western Cape Government annual organisational cycle (April to March) and its Annual Performance Plan and Provincial Strategic Plan processes, as well as its calendar of events, should be viewed jointly as an opportunity for an annual ‘Whole of Western Cape Government’ design process cycle, in terms of alignment and integration across WCG Departments.


Saldanha Bay

There was a very successful Saldanha Bay Design Team meeting on 18th May 2018, where the EDP’s Partnering Capacity Assessment Tool was used as a practical introduction activity to partnering for the team.  The group reflected on the lessons from the Integrated Development Plan community engagement process in April 2018, and collaboratively developed a very clear emergent strategy to improve on the upcoming community IDP engagement process in September 2018.  The Saldanha Bay WoSA Framework will be tabled in the local Municipal Council for adoption in June 2018.

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