The Economic Intelligence Consortium
Tackling deep-rooted structural unemployment and economic challenges in the Western Cape, and harnessing new growth opportunities in a rapidly-changing global environment, will require new levels of collaboration between the private sector, universities, civil society and government.

In an attempt to foster the desired level of collaboration between the various stakeholders in the Western Cape, the EDP established the Economic Intelligence Consortium (EIC) – a grouping of provincial data users and producers. EIC members met on a regular basis to share economic data, research and business intelligence.

Membership of the EIC was predominantly drawn from provincial government, special purpose vehicles (SPVs) and the City of Cape Town.

At the beginning of 2016, the EDP performed a strategic audit of its programmes and their impact. In recognition of the imperative, in the existing economic climate, for intensified fiscal discipline and an increased focus on delivery, the EDP then sharpened its focus to a defined number of core programmes.

The EDP therefore now concentrates less on the more general area of convening networks, to providing specific partnering solutions for regional issues or defined geographies only.

What this has meant for the Economic Intelligence Consortium is that the EDP will no longer be managing this forum or its meetings.