Philippi Partnering Solutions

At the nexus of the airport industrial area and the metro-south east strategic corridor, Philippi East is regarded as underperforming relative to its market potential. A number of infrastructural and social factors have constrained market activity in this area. To address these constraints, various investments and programmes are being targeted at Philippi. These have required coordination across delivering departments, as well as with business retention, expansion and attraction activities.

The EDP devoted considerable time to this programme in accordance with its clear mandate from the City of Cape Town. Its first step was developing a comprehensive understanding of the issues at stake. As with a number of other programmes, the EDP was determined to work with a clear focus on discrete elements of an issue, rather than a larger, poorly-defined general problem statement.

In the case of Philippi, the EDP accomplished several deliverables. These include the following; A Philippi report which considered the following;

  • All existing information on investment in Philippi, impact studies done on the area, the mandate and activities of the Philippi Economic Development Initiative (PEDI) and the assumed role of the Philippi area in the broader planning process.
  • Identifying all existing visions for the region as well as constraints to their implementation
  • Designing a process for generating transversal agreement within the City of Cape Town on a shared vision and common agenda for the area
  • Designing a process for engaging with external stakeholders.

Further partnering-based mandates with the City of Cape Town, with regards to Philippi, are currently being finalised.

For more information on this programme, contact Jodi Allemeier at the EDP at or on +27 (0) 21 832 0200, and Rushka Ely at the EDP at, or on +27 (0) 21 832 0200.