Partnership Support Programmes

In addition to building, monitoring and designing partnerships, and teaching partnership practices, the EDP also focused on supporting a range of partnership programmes that focus on economic development.
This support took the form of broadening the scope or augmenting the ideas of partnership activities of our stakeholders, or assisting with the generation of new leads and ideas to facilitate partnership activity where needed.

Much of the activity in this area of focus came from requests directed to the EDP. An example of such partnership support can be found in the South Cape. Key economic development role players within the Eden District (particularly those in government and business) have recognized the value of working in partnership to achieve higher levels of economic growth and job creation in this functional economic region. The various regional business chambers started to work together, and appointed a regional chairperson to enhance the coherence of their efforts. They invited the various local government municipalities to do the same and join them to form the South Cape Business Partnership. The EDP facilitated the development of this Partnership. All of the municipalities are supportive of this initiative in principle and 5 of the 7 have contributed financially. The Eden District is also in full support.

The EDP also supported the City of Cape Town with effective partnerships to address the following areas of focus:

  1. Supporting the development of a partnership on Energy from Liquid Natural Gas in order to make it a viable short to medium term energy alternative which would address our interim energy constraints
  2. Supporting the development of a partnership on Broadband which would contribute towards the fulfilment of the ‘Connected Cape’ as part of OneCape2040
  3. Exploring the role of the City as part of the Cape Town functional economic region in the oil and gas value chain in order to strengthen the competitiveness and success of the Saldanha IDZ as well as the port of CT.
  4. Building and supporting the partnership to develop the city region’s economic identity
  5. Supporting the partnership to ensure seamless economic strategy development and co-ordinated action for the city region and province.