to the EDP

Working collaboratively to improve developmental outcomes

The Western Cape Economic Development Partnership (EDP) helps stakeholders from different sectors to work together cohesively to solve complex societal issues and system challenges, so as to develop the Western Cape and national economy and improve livelihoods.

We specialise in partnering practices for whole-of-government – across silos, disciplines, departments, spheres, spaces and boundaries – and whole-of-society – connecting  public, private, civil society, philanthropy, corporate social investment, advocacy, academia and research sectors.

As an intermediary collaborative organisation, the EDP provides an objective, neutral platform to facilitate dialogue and build partnerships with strong leadership based on a common agenda. 

Why partnering?

Many of the socio-economic problems facing South Africa are complex and persistent, for which solutions are not easily found and cannot be implemented successfully by a single entity. Partnering, and understanding systems as a whole is essential to bringing the right people together to build, implement and sustain solutions.

Our services

We work with all spheres of government to partner with each other as well as with the private sector, civil society and academia. We help our partners develop capabilities to deal with complex societal issues involving many stakeholders, diverging interests and uncertainty about the actions to be taken through the following methods:

  • Applied partnering and systems change skills, processes and tools, including stakeholder mapping and engagement, system and institutional partnering frameworks, connecting the ‘top-down’ authorising environment with the ‘bottom-up’ mobilising environment, collaborative workshop design, and partnership evaluation.
  • Capacity development, including adaptive leadership masterclasses and simulations, executive short courses, and participatory and situated learning.
  • Knowledge-sharing and learning, including building a knowledge base of lessons learned, learning organisation skills, and transdisciplinary partnerships with academic institutions.

EDP history, governance and funding

The EDP was established in April 2012 by over 150 institutional stakeholders to foster sustainable, inclusive growth in the Cape Town and Western Cape socio-economic development system.

As an independent not-for-profit company (NPC), the EDP is governed by the Companies Act 71 of 2008 and a Board of Directors, chaired by Ashoek Adhikari.

The EDP is a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) number: 930050144 and receives funding from the Western Cape Government, the City of Cape Town, other municipalities within the Western Cape, the South African National Government and private donors.