Leading Processes for Change

Development requires change, and change can be difficult. The EDP is a public benefit collaborative intermediary organisation that supports diverse stakeholders to harness each other’s energy, knowledge and resources for collective impact and change.


RESOURCES: Unlocking the power of data in the public sector

The potential of data to build resilient futures

Futurecasting: Unlocking the Power of Data in the Public Sector

How can public sector leaders harness innovative digital technologies while ensuring effective data governance?

Food for thought: Trends affecting the food and beverage industry in 2024

Sustainability specialist Jonathon Hanks, who is co-founder and managing director of Incite explores anticipated trends that will affect members of the Food and Beverage Growth Coalition, lead by the City of Cape Town and convened by the EDP.

Creating Change, Together

In 2022, the EDP marked ten years working as a collaborative intermediary organisation in the Western Cape economic development ecosystem and beyond. In this publication, we look back on the many challenges faced and lessons learned, and forward to a new era of growth and change.

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