Governance arrangements for WoSA

Political level

The Western Cape Government Provincial Cabinet has adopted WoSA, and has committed to provide the appropriate political governance arrangements for WoSA at provincial and local governments levels under the guidance of the Premier and the Minister of Finance.

Executive level

The Western Cape Government Director-General has formalised WoSA in the Performance Agreements of WCG Department HODs. The Municipal Managers will be formally engaged via the Municipal Managers Forum. The role of Provincial Top Management (PTM) is to provide strategic guidance and high-level problem solving, in order to champion WoSA.

Technical level

PTM mandates the WoSA technical committee (via the designated HODs) to provide technical support to implement and sustain WoSA. The committee performs the following functions:

  • Strategic support to the HODs and MMs – K Cloete and JC Stegman
  • Direct technical support to local area teams in learning sites – D Manuel, D Moses, N Murray, and N Rahbeeni.  Additional members will be confirmed for the Khayelitsha learning site.
  • Data support – R Daniels
  • Learning network – Western Cape Economic Development Partnership (EDP) – E Cloete, G Cullinan, S Andrew
  • PSG 5 alignment – M Korsten, A Hazell, S Nieftagodien

Programme level

Specific programme leaders will co-ordinate the collaborative actions of the various role-players towards the desired outcomes for each of the prioritised programme areas.  They will be supported by the technical team and the local government co-ordinators in each of the learning sites.

Project level

The project leaders will co-ordinate the deliverables in each of the registered projects, in accordance with standard project management tools and methodology.

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