Futurecasting Cape Town

Conversations to Reimagine the Future

Futurecasting is a well-established approach to envision and analyse future challenges and opportunities, and anticipate changes in the coming 10 to 15 years. It involves exploring future scenarios and trends by drawing on expert insights, data sources, and analysis to model possible futures. By understanding and anticipating various future scenarios, individuals, businesses and governments can better navigate uncertainty and build resilience.

The Futurecasting webinar series, convened by the Economic Development Partnership (EDP) invites experts and thought leaders to explore critical issues facing South Africa, and share knowledge and insights that contribute to forward-thinking strategies for development in an interconnected world.

Themes will include

  • How emerging technologies are shaping South Africa’s development landscape
  • The social and economic forces influencing South Africa’s future, including inequality, urbanisation, demographic shifts
  • The role of innovation in development and environmental stewardship
  • Envisioning and planning for a ‘just transition’, particularly in the context of economic and environmental changes.

Who should attend?  This series is for everyone with an interest in futures planning to navigate development, including policy makers and government officials, business leaders and entrepreneurs, researchers and academics, development practitioners, students and emerging professionals.

This Futurecasting series builds on the Futurecasting Cape Town webinar series [2021 to 2022], convened with the City of Cape Town’s Resilience Department which reflected on critical issues facing Cape Town.

Previous Futurecasting Cape Town Events

  • Mental health: a key component of Cape Town’s response to climate change – 12 November 2021

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  • Preparing Cape Town for shocks & stresses, risk & insurance – 13 August 2021

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  • Exploring municipal energy resilience – 7 May 2021

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  • Exploring the changing nature of work in Cape Town: Towards a post-pandemic environment – 15 March 2021

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