Addressing spatial inequality while maximizing development opportunities

South Africa’s Apartheid-era planning created spatial inequality whose legacy persists and continues to intensify the rising social disparity. Spatial imbalances such as unequal access to economic opportunities, decision-making and mobility further deepens social and economic inequality. The EDP brings partnering practices that engage the whole-of-society in promoting spatial integration and transformation in South Africa’s towns and cities, with a focus on area-based projects.

Towns Action Network for small town regeneration 

South African towns and their surrounding regions face many challenges, ranging from persistent droughts to the outmigration of businesses and talent. The Towns Action Network is an action-inspired national learning and support network that connects changemakers and fosters local partnerships across sectors activate the potential and support the regeneration of small and medium size towns in South Africa. The network is funded by Embassy of Finland’s Fund for Local Cooperation, and lead by the EDP and seven Support Partners – Ranyaka, Kagiso TrustRestaurare/ Citeplan, Karoo Development Foundation, Accountability Lab SAPublic Affairs Research Institute (PARI),South African Local Government Association (SALGA) Learn more about the Towns Action Network here.

Partnering for Adam Tas Corridor development, Stellenbosch

The 400-hectare Adam Tas Corridor – also known as the Stellenbosch Corridor –has the potential to integrate much-needed affordable housing, public space, schools and non-motorised transport along a major transport spine. The EDP is convening a partnering process with Stellenbosch Municipality, multiple landowners and other stakeholders to develop a governance framework and partnering arrangements to support the implementation of the corridor.