Infrastructure and Mobility

Collaboration for inclusive infrastructure planning and delivery

South Africa continues to experience fractured infrastructure management and delivery, compounded by the country’s current energy crisis and infrastructure deficit. The National Development Plan (2013) calls for partnerships and greater experimentation between public and private sectors to maximise infrastructure delivery. The EDP aims to improve infrastructure planning and delivery for public benefit through inclusive partnering platforms and boosting capability to address structural problems across sectors.

ReBuilt: A Changemaker’s Guide

Cities can play a critical role in driving more regenerative, research efficient and just approaches to the built environment. There are opportunities for municipalities and the commercial building sector to adopt more climate-smart building and planning processes while testing their local acceptance.  The EDP is working with the Bauhaus Earth and African Centre for Cities, with funding from the Toni Piech Foundation to develop guidelines for a regenerative built environment, based on multi-stakeholder engagement to empower other cities, particularly in Africa in the transition towards a regenerative built environment.