Employment and Economic Opportunity

Partnering for inclusive economic growth and employment

South Africa’s economic challenges cannot be solved by one sector alone, and creating economic opportunities relies on many factors. The EDP influences key systems that contribute to a thriving economy and job creation. This includes coordinating partnerships across the three spheres of government to drive skills development, social employment, support SMMEs, and enhance capacity in informal economies.

Promoting sustainable development in the Garden Route

The Garden Route Development Partnership (GRDP), facilitated by the EDP brings together local municipalities, government and the private sector in the Garden Route District for the collaborative implementation of the Garden Route Growth and Development Strategy and associated Recovery Plan. The EDP provides backbone support for the GRDP and capacitates partners towards effective collaboration for a resilient, sustainable economy.

Growth Coalitions: Partnering across Cape Town industry for inclusive economic growth

The City of Cape Town’s cross-sectoral Growth Coalitions, launched in 2022, enable partnerships between the City and private sector across different industries. The EDP convenes the Food and Beverage Sector Growth Coalition Platform as the initial pilot, which promotes structured engagements with the food and beverage industry to promote skills development, job creation and sector development.

Social Employment Fund learning and support network

South Africa’s Social Employment Fund, launched in 2021 under the Presidential Employment Stimulus and administered by the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) creates ‘work for the common good’ by optimising partnerships between larger civil society organisations and informal grassroots networks.  With the IDC and DG Murray Trust, the EDP convenes the Social Employment Network, a learning and support network that supports the Fund’s implementing partners by sharing information, documenting learnings and addressing challenges, while sharing learnings back to government to improve the management of the fund and future fund iterations. Learn more about the Social Emplyment Network.

Partnering for integrated waste and wellbeing economies

Like many global cities, Cape Town grapples with high volumes of waste and many of the City’s landfill sites have reached capacity. Building on the findings of the EDP’s partnering support to the City’s Coastal Park landfill site, the EDP is developing a city-wide strategy and programme for the City of Cape Town to integrate SMMEs into the formal waste economy, while enhancing collaboration within the City’s Urban Waste Management Directorate.

City Partnering Platform

The EDP in collaboration with National Treasury’s City Support Program hosts the City Partnering Platform which provides learning resources and engagement opportunities to promote partnering and collaboration for improved urban city management. The open source platform include partnering tools and methodologies along with an online course on transversal management, and encourages active participation and engagement, particularly among public sector officials.