Co-ordinating food relief during the Covid-19 crisis

The impact of the Covid-19 lockdown which began in March 2020 has been devastating for poor and vulnerable communities in Cape Town and the Western Cape. A clear need emerged for work both on immediate and on long-term food security within poor and vulnerable areas and groups, to address hunger in the short term, and to stabilise the economic system, which is dependent on its working population and the functioning of its local economic areas.

The EDP convened a series of online meetings, starting on 23 April, to discuss the coordination of food relief efforts between Government and NGOs in Cape Town and the Western Cape, and to find a common approach to the strategic challenges emerging in this area.

The records of these meetings can be found here.

1. Food Relief Forum – 23 April 2020

2. Food Relief Forum – 30 April 2020

3. Food Relief Forum – 7 May 2020

4. Food Relief Forum – 14 May 2020

5. Food Relief Forum – 21 May 2020

6. Food Relief Forum – 28 May 2020

7. Food Relief Forum – 4 June 2020

8. Food Relief Forum – 11 June 2020

9. Food Relief Forum – 25 June 2020